A House In The Trees 


The small details and luxuries of Casa Del Risco will make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay, but the sunsets, flora, fauna, and secluded beach just below the house will make for unforgettable memories.  




The house is designed with the view in mind, facing west over the water. Sunsets are especially spectacular from any of the three terraces.  


The jungle surrounding the house is filled with many tropical birds, and is alive with bird song in the mornings. Pelicans, frigate birds and coastal hawks pass by at eye-level throughout the day, and whales and turtles visit seasonally. Look out for raccoon-like coatimundi at night.    


Secluded Beach

Below the house is a small cove beach surrounded by cliffs. Pelicans and frigate birds pass overhead and fishing boats pass by in the early morning. The beach size and currents vary throughout the year. During the winter the ocean can be quite rough and only strong swimmers should venture in.   

Rustic Stone Steps

A series of 110 stone steps lead down to a short clamber over rocks to the beach below.